Public preview underway

Public preview underway

Jan 26, 2015. | By: Bret

Alright! Our buddy Eric over at MSOpenTech posted about JUniversal to his blog, so our public preview is now underway.

At this point, we’re looking for pilot users and feedback. Have questions or comments? Please share them below.

Want to try it out, as a pilot user? Please do. Here’s the deal: You’ll likely run into some rough patches along the way, but in exchange for that you’ll get one on one help from us, getting things working work your app. We need that feedback to improve things. So please both try it, via Getting Started, and reach out to us as you have questions and issues, so we can help you & fix up the doc / code for everyone thanks to your feedback. Reach via any of the contact mechanisms on the Contact page or by posting below.


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